Welcome to Em Segunda Mão!

Buying and selling used was always something that spoke a lot to me. There's always something that it's no longer useful for me that someone else is looking right? That's where the idea to create "Em Segunda Mão" came from, a desire to share a new way of buying, showing that it's not so difficult to buy used, it doesn't have to be complicated.

Why buy second hand?

It's cheaper

If there is something that we Portuguese love it's a good deal and buying used allows us to do that with the same quality. A good exemple is clothes, many used clothes that are being sold, were not used more than once or twice, some of them still have their tags on! And half the price that it would be in the store.

It's eco-friendly

Something that would go to the trash it's bought by someone else, is there anything more eco-friendly than this? Reducing our waste it's very important these days. Something that was once useful for us, it's now useful to another person, the perfect example of circular economy doing its magic.

As a last note, your feedback is very important, so if you have any suggestions please contact me.